14 March 2016

...so hey

19 on 14

...from the very vintage shopkeep at nineteen fourteen seventh avenue

...gave samantha bee a few chances and just not feeling it/her (1.

...but still loving the stupidity of what is vanderpump rules (2.

...does it seem like there are a villion vintage vendors out there these days?!? (3 

...why do so many eateries insist on using that godawful lettuce mix with the purple stuff ?!? (4

...good bye  mr. kobe bryant...and thank you (5

...eddie van halen sported a lot of jumpsuits back in the day...quite well by the way!!! (6

...not as into project runway all-stars season 5 as i thought i would be...thinking its all those            second chances (7

...eating a lot of cheeze-its lately...eating some right now in fact!!! (8

...had an inkling of what the word revenant means but did have to ask what bae meant (9

...thinking it is so much easier to put a hanger back on the rack the way it came off the rack yet so     
  many just want to reverse it for some reason...(shopkeepers will get this if no one else does) (10

...dogs still rule(shop dog tofu's contribution to this musing) (11

...for some reason it is impossible to part with white button down shirts even though they may no  
   longer be so white (12

...still shopping second hand first in most things except coffee and chocolate (13

...would it not be cool if high school vo-tech programs included things like shoe repair and tailoring 
   into their curriculum !?! (14

...there should  be no art teachers...but art coaches...that's a whole different story!!! (15

...classic square silk scarves always!!! (16

...loving fuller house (17

...saddened by american politics, priests and pastries at the moment (18

...but loving most and appreciative of the rest of the moments happening to and around me (19 
...sanks for reading...bet you thought i gave this bloggering up for lent or something, no!?!...its just  
   that journaling in a found vintage diary with a lock & key is so much more my speed!!!